Crop Planting in Janesville

Crop Planting in Janesville

Crop Planting in Janesville or in southern Wisconsin has its challenges.  Mother Nature is at the top of that list.  Whether you are planting for cash crop or feed crop timing your crop planting is tricky business.  Farming is a little bit like investing in the stock market.  You make your investment and plant your seed, then hope all of the conditions are favorable to grow your investment.  Sometimes you realize great profits and sometimes you crash.  Doing some homework and having a backup plan is just good business when you are planning your crop planting for the next season.

Timing:  When you plant your crops is a bit of science and a bit of luck.  Your best laid plans can be delayed by a late spring, late frost, wet conditions or stormy weather.  When the time is right, you must be in a position to take immediate action.  You may only have a few days before the soil becomes too wet due to a weather system that has moved into the area.  Even with today’s advanced meteorological advances, the professionals are even caught by surprise with an unexpected weather event.

Prepare:  Crop planting takes some advanced planning.  There are questions to consider.  With the answers to these you can begin your preparation:  What crops will you plant in which fields?  What is your optimum planting schedule?  What preparation will you need to do for each crop and each field?  What resources do you have to do the work and plant the crop?  Will you need to address any environmental concerns prior to planting?  Where and when will you purchase your seed?

Schedule:  Once you have considered all of the options and have decided on a plan put your plan A schedule in writing.  But don’t stop there.  You should also put your plan B  for an early season and plan C for a late season or replanting, in writing.  What will do if you only have a short window of opportunity to plant your crops?  Do you even want to take the chance or do you want to call in help as soon as the weather is favorable for planting?

Contract your resources early:  When considering whether to call in help to plant your crops, consider the cost of late harvest.  If you don’t plant your crops on your schedule, what will that do to your yield?  Will you incur more cost for drying?  Will your crop have enough time to reach full maturity?  If these costs will harm your bottom line, then you may want to contract the services for help that you will need.  Don’t wait until the last minute and try to find available resources.  They may not be there when you need them.  Make the decision early and contract your fuel, your help, your equipment rental or planting services early.

Crop planting in Janesville is a science.  But with a bit of luck and some advanced planning and using the resources available, you can tip the scales at harvest time in your favor.

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