When to Fertilize Your Lawn In Janesville Wisconsin

Fertilizing your lawn in Janesville is pretty much the same are other areas in Wisconsin for the most part.  The early pre–emergent herbicide for crabgrass control may be a little earlier than other places in Wisconsin due to our microclimate.  The best clue of when to put down your crabgrass control is the Forsythia bush.  If that beautiful yellow flowering bush is in bloom, then you know it’s time for your crab grass control.  This could be as early as late March or into April.  Only apply this to an established lawn.  If you are seeding, the pre-emergent will also prevent your grass seed from sprouting.

For the rest of the season, think of your holidays as lawn feeding time.

Memorial Day – Time to put down fertilizer and perhaps an herbicide for broadleaf weed control.  The best defense is a strong, healthy lawn.  However, you don’t want to give those dandelions a chance in your beautiful lawn.

4th of July – Celebrate Independence Day by giving your lawn another feeding of slow release nitrogen.  This may also be the time to put down grub control to prevent those nasty Japanese Beetles from establishing a home for their grubs under your turf.  They love lush well kept turf, so an ounce of prevention in this case is a good idea.  Please apply this after you have had your cookout in your lawn.  You will want to avoid playing in the area for the recommended time.

Labor Day – It’s once again time to labor in your lawn.   Be careful to not apply fertilizer or weed control if the conditions are not right.  If it is hot and dry, you may need to wait until it rains or if you have watered your lawn throughout the summer, you may just need to wait until it is not scorching hot.  This is again a good time for broadleaf control.

Halloween – It’s time to scare those weeds if you have any left.  A good slow release fertilizer will give your lawn a good feeding and help it to survive the winter.  If you add a broadleaf herbicide you will get those dandelions as they are sucking the energy down into the roots for the winter.  If you only do a weed control once a year, this is the time.  The herbicide will be sucked down into the roots and will be more likely to destroy the weed for good.

Consult a professional lawn care expert if you have any questions about the care recommended for your lawn.  If you are experience specific problems you may need a regimen tailored to your needs.

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